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Spring: Blasto and Mulch

   It's spring, and this is the time we all start thinking about this year's gardening projects.
Gardens mean stirring up the soil and putting down mulch. Knowing what we do about Blasto, it's best to be cautious.
   While not yet proven by anyone in particular, those of us who have had experience with Blasto tend to have one thing in common: our animals were exposed to mulch.
   We know that the fungus thrives in wet soil and organic material, especially wood chips.  Whether it's in the yard, on paths, used as bedding, it's a good bet that it puts animals (and humans) at risk.
   There has been some discussion about using rubber mulch and bleach spray solutions to disinfect the areas, but it's really not possible at this time to eradicate the fungus. As far as we know, there is not currently a commercial fugicide that acts on Blasto.  Should one become available, I'll let everyone know.
   Much of the material on the subject is copyrighted, so I'll only post a link at this time. It is easily Googled as well.  Be informed about the possible risks to your pet when you decide what to use in the garden.

News Article:
Commercial Mulch as a Potential Source of Blastomyces Dermatitides


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