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Canine Blastomycosis Awareness Newsletter

"Would it really matter if you were to count the days left with your hands?
Your focus secure, and the loves you left well, smiles staged in photographs ..."  Coheed & Cambria

I have compiled information for a newsletter that is being readied for veterinarians across the US and Canada. It turned out very nicely, but for some reason LJ makes it hard to post things and have them turn out the way you meant them.  It covers risk factors, endemic areas, diagnostic tools, pros and cons of different azole medications, and treatment options.

As soon as it's posted/published elsewhere I'll link to it. If anyone would like a copy, you may reply to this entry, and I will be happy to email it to you as a Word file.  
Should I have the time and energy, I will re-type it here if necessary.

This week at Blastomycosis.ca, we lost Missy and Lennox.  

Tags: awareness, blastomycosis, canine, diagnosis, medications, treatment, veterinarians
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