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This lounge is a place for those interested in Blastomycosis/Chicago Disease/Gilchrist's Disease with focus on canines. Human cases are also welcome, as are any others. Research, advice, findings, support, vents, thoughts, pics, stories, all are appreciated. DirtBike asks that if you do have technical, medical, pathological information etc., please try to provide reliable links/research findings. Alternative remedies are also welcome, however: remember that Blasto is a killer that MUST be treated traditionally with first-line antifungals until your animal is out of danger. We appreciate Granny-Medicine, but don't risk your animals' lives in favor of it versus science. Blasto is an emergency; treat it accordingly.
Complementary medicine and treatments are sometimes necessary and can be effective, but the fungus must be killed. Anecdotal advice is also very welcome because all animals are different, and getting through Blasto is never a given, only a hope. If it works, let's hear about it. And if it doesn't...our sorrows for yours. We love our dear ones and are prepared to give all.